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Seminar / Workshops


A seminar is a study format where the information is presented in an organised way. A group of students engages in a lecture or discussion of important topics with the a guide, educator, professor, or faculty during seminars. For workers who don't have time for lengthy courses, seminars offer a tremendous quantity of information over the space of a day or two. The specific concentration offers individuals the opportunity to learn a lot in a short amount of time by requiring them to take notes and appear for each day's lecture prepared to take in as much knowledge as possible.


On the other hand, in a workshop, participants take a more active part, and the teacher sometimes provides individualized support. Because the number of participants in a workshop is often kept slight on purpose, each participant can receive personalized attention. A lower priority is placed on lectures in a workshop and more emphasis is placed on providing knowledge effectively. Workshops usually take place in locations that are more open and spacious than those needed for seminars.

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